Interview Tips

Below is  information to assist you in having an informative and enjoyable video interview experience at UMBC.


Note the exact time, date and length of your interview.  Make note of the contact person for any difficulties you might face.

Remember the motto, dress to impress.  Wear appropriate business attire to the interview.

Be ready to share information from your resume and to provide a list of professional references.

Take time to learn something about UMBC and the hiring department.  A wealth of information is available on the UMBC website.

Ask questions during the interview to show your interest in the position and department.

Ask the interview panel about the next steps in the process and the approximate time frame in making a decision.

Consider sending a thank you note or email to the interview panel members expressing your continued interest in the position.

Video Interviews

Download the applicable video software well in advance of the interview (at least one day prior to the interview).

Check your internet connection and camera placement ahead of time. Turn your camera on for the entire interview.  There are articles and YouTube videos that provide tips for camera placement and lighting to help you look your best during a video meeting.

Choose a location that is as quiet and as interruption free as possible.  Hiring departments realize that you may not be able to control all aspects of your environment.  Please realize that the search committee members may be working remotely and may also have possible distractions.

Arrive to your interview 5 to 15 minutes early.  This will give you additional time to fix any last minute technical difficulties and  help you relax.  Please note that the search committee may not arrive until the set interview time.

Contact the hiring department as soon as possible if you experience technical difficulties and are unable to participate in the video interview.  Consider asking if alternate arrangements are available.

Treat the video interview as a regular interview.  Do not appear too informal or relaxed.

We realize by doing a phone or video interview, you are missing the opportunity to see our beautiful campus. Below are some links that will allow you to virtually explore some of what UMBC has to offer.

Campus 360 Tour: Explore the UMBC campus with a virtual walking tour.

UMBC Flickr Account: View photo albums of the campus, academics, campus life, Shady Grove, and much more.

My Perspective: A Day At UMBC: A YouTube video showing our lively campus from dawn until well after dusk. Students shift from class, research and creative endeavors to sporting events, festivals and concerts.

In-Person Interviews

Note the exact location of the interview – building and room number.   Directions and a campus map are available here.

Allow plenty of time for parking and walking to the building.  Arrive early and walk around our beautiful campus.  Grab a cup of coffee at Starbucks and relax until your appointment time.

If mobility or any other accommodations may be needed, please contact the person arranging the interview or Human Resources for assistance. Resources and accessibility maps are available at the Office of Accessibility and Disability Services.

UMBC Benefits: This site will provide you with an overview of our competitive benefits program.

Thank you for your interest in employment opportunities at UMBC.  We wish you the best of luck in your job search.